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UAV Photography & Mapping

UAV Photography and Mapping Services

First Alert Locating Ltd provides UAV photography and mapping services. This emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology is not only impressive but also allows us to provide an affordable and fresh approach to mapping, imagery, and locating services for our clients. We have obtained Special Flight Operations Certification (SFOC) from Transport Canada that lets us work closely with our suppliers and clients.


There are countless applications for UAV in our industry. Some of the more common ones are:


  • Crop monitoring
  • Water absorption of soil

  • Management of weeds and pests


  • Communication and broadband services
  • Tower inspections

  • Training videos

  • Satellite augmentation systems


  • Fire detection
  • Search and rescue


  • Assessing and monitoring pollution
  • Air quality management

  • Reclamation efforts

  • Wildlife monitoring and behavioral research

  • Forest and prairie monitoring

  • Erosion monitoring

  • Digital mapping and planning

  • Land management


  • Pipeline management and detection (leaks, surveys and security)
  • Spill tracking

  • Power transmission line monitoring

  • Monitoring buildings and bridges for defects and damage

  • Flare stack inspection

  • Pre-construction images for engineering

Mapping and surveying: 

  • 3D and overhead views and video
  • Ongoing video of construction overtime


  • Advertising

  • Media

Water management:

  • Detecting and continually monitoring river and water levels

While this is only a few, it gives spark to the imagination of how useful these units can be. As long as regulations are followed, the benefits of using them to reduce costs, safety risks & increased documentation are insurmountable. Give us your idea and we will work with you to get it done. Contact us to learn more!

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