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Locating Services

Fully Equipped and Experienced Locators in Grande Prairie

If you are looking for experienced locators, we are the right choice for you. At First Alert Locating Ltd, we have a trained group of employees who have successfully operated since 2001 and gathered active work history in the locating industry. With our selection of the latest equipment in the market and qualified technicians, we are completely equipped to work in all kinds of locations, terrain and weather.

Our Locating Tools

We utilize current facility maps, records and accumulated drawings collected over our previous projects to ensure all registered lines are accounted for during our locates. Over these years, we have maintained an in-house database of locates for our technicians to access. We also provide our clients with a digital field locate map and additional line data that is available. You can also count on us to customize your request with ground disturbance packages, drawing protocols, and UAV imagery.

Application of Line Locating

The applications of line locating are endless and very important in modern day underground mapping. Some of the important applications are:

  • Field solving: Line locating helps us to decipher the intricate network of underground infrastructure and document it electronically for future use.

  • Pipeline signage installation: We work closely with our clients to manage their pipeline signage and integrity to meet with the regulatory requirements laid down by Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

  • Third party incident investigations: If you want to make sure that all possible preventable measures have been recognized by your locating service providers, we can offer our services as an outside source to perform a site assessment and report our findings.

Other locating applications include:

Rig anchor installation sweeps

Power pole installation locates

Land reclamation sweeps

Pipeline break responses

Environmental spill responses

Well center locates

Plant site and battery site locates

Installation of pipeline warning signage

Depth of cover studies

Underground facility locates

One call responses and private locates

New well site sweeps

New R.O.W. sweeps

Well abandonment and cut and caps

Pipeline tie-ins

Cathodic protection locates

Repairs and upgrades at plant sites

Power cable installation locates

Road construction sweeps

Our Major Projects

We have established a strong presence in major pipeline projects and successfully completed many large projects in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We also have specialized staff with extensive experience dedicated to the comprehensive understanding of these major projects. Our specialists can help you with:

Environmental conservation

Right of way sweeps

Route and access planning

Locate congested crossings

Tie in locations

Call us now at 780-518-8179 to reach our specialists and technicians and learn more about locating services.

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Trusted Source for Safe Pipeline and Locating Services

Are you confident your locates are completed thoroughly?

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