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One Call Management

One Call Management Services

Are you sure that your One Call responses are getting completed? To ensure that all your One Call responses get answered and properly located in a timely manner, turn to First Alert Locating Ltd for top-quality One Call management services in Grande Prairie. Our services eliminate guesswork, reduce client risk and ensure regulatory compliance. We also assist in locating services for private facilities where the owners are not required to respond.

Benefits of One Call Management

This service makes the One Call ticket management process hassle-free allowing us to reduce administrative burden and confirming that all your tickets are properly administrated, approved, verified, issued, tracked, reported, and archived. While we offer one call screening services, we can also share locating costs with other clients in the same location thereby reducing your overall costs. Since we are flexible, we can set up your One Call management in any way to assist you in your operation.

Talk to our team today to get more information on how the One Call system works.

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