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Foreign Crossing Witnessing & Ground Disturbance Inspections

Foreign Crossing Witnessing

Turn to First Alert Locating Ltd for foreign crossing witnessing and ground disturbance inspections. With the growing demand for new construction and time constraints, we provide our assistance for:

Conforming to crossing agreements

Taking pictures and measurements of the work performed

Following internally specified forms

Inspecting back-fill

The convenience of having us complete your tasks at the construction site saves your operational staff from the disruption in their daily lives.

Ground Disturbance Inspections and Audits

From placing the One Call for your project to managing the entire ground disturbance process for you, our trained team of skilled technicians can handle all types of ground disturbance projects. As a part of the damage prevention process, we can help you with:

Communication with One Call locators

Scheduling facility owner designates

Organizing clearances

Verifying crossing agreements

Organizing hydrovac

Managing conflicts

Give us a call to discuss our involvement and particulars in the locating fields and ground disturbance inspections.

management services

Trusted Source for Safe Pipeline and Locating Services

Are you confident your locates are completed thoroughly?

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